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5 Nigerian Habits You Need To Stop Before It Kills You

Without much ado.... Here we go.


We know electricity isn’t friendly in Nigeria, so man has to find a means to generate his own. 

At this age, almost every Nigerian owns a generator, from the industrial size to the ‘I better pass my neighbor’ size. 

Most of these generators are placed near the house, thereby diluting the surrounding air with high levels of Carbon dioxide and Carbon monoxide. 

Quick reminder, humans inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, then nature through photosynthesis takes place and carbon dioxide is converted to oxygen and the cycle goes on and on.

The body NEEDS oxygen to survive BUT Carbon dioxide is harmful to it. The increase in the rate of generator ownership is alarming, soon our air will be completely contaminated with the harmful carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide and we don’t even have enough trees to convert it to oxygen. What are we going to breathe in?


 Who doesn’t know of the dreadful Nigerian mosquitoes, of course we do! 

Everyone hates them, from their annoying buzzing in the ears to the way they suck on our blood like they are drinking chilled zobo, who won't want to kill them? 

Besides no one wants to have malaria, those tiny creatures can give someone an illness that requires giant treatments. So we have to kill them! 

But brother, sister, it is mosquitoes we plan on killing and not ourselves! Why would you fumigate and still stay indoor? No matter how odorless the insecticide is, you should not stay indoors with it. It kills a living organism why do you think it can’t kill you? It kills mosquitoes faster because of their size but the content of the insecticide is still harmful to you, and it’s only a matter of time. 

Little drops of water makes a mighty ocean, little inhaling of insecticide finally kills a man! Ever heard of families who died when they slept? They probably choked on insecticide.


Superman, wonder woman, Avengers! Nothing can happen right? You are very strong and mighty, weldone oh! Mrs. “Oh I don’t want to wear helmet that someone else has worn” BUY YOUR OWN, brother “the helmet smells” BUY YOUR OWN, Pastor “What if the helmet is charmed?” BUY YOUR OWN! 

Accidents don’t give warning or ask permission! No-one can predict what the road holds, take safety measures people!


I don’t even know where to start with this?

 Like who cursed you? Snap chat, Instastory whatever it is can wait till the food is ready and you are out of the kitchen away from the gas.

 But no, you want to give them as it is hot. 

Sister if you want to do a cooking show go and get a Production Company. 

Your life is too important to be used as a WhatsApp broadcast message of how a lady got killed in a gas explosion because she was Snap chatting while cooking. Your social media fans will not follow you to the afterlife oh!


Oshey! Aquaman, Water bender, Yemoja somebody! 

DO YOU KNOW WHERE THAT WATER HAS BEEN? Or WHAT HAS BEEN IN THE WATER? No you don’t, but because its tap water you want to copy oyinbo and drink directly. 

Let me tell you something AIDS isn’t the only thing that’s real, typhoid, hepatitis are also real! 

Most of the water pipes in Nigeria, Lagos precisely, pass through the drainage and I’m sure one or two of you must have spotted a leakage somewhere. 

Now as water is bursting out, some sneaky bacteria and microorganisms are bursting in. Do you need me to remind you the content of our Nigerian drainage? Oh you know, yet you’ll take you cup and fill it directly from the tap and into your mouth it goes! May the Lord forgive you for defiling your body in such a way! 

But even if He does, Typhoid and Hepatitis aren’t so forgiving, they might not be HIV but they also kill if not properly taken care of.

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